Rules & Regulations

System of Play

System of Play

The championship will be played under FIDE’s Lawsof Chess and the Swiss system. Totally eleven rounds shall be played. Players from the same state will not be paired against each other in the last round. However, they may be paired if there is no compatible opponent within the same point group orscore group with a maximum difference of one point. It is applicable only for the top 50% score of the penultimate round.

Age Limit

Age Limit

Players should be born on or after 1.1.2004

Age Proof

Each participant must produce a valid certificate to prove his/her age. Certificates from School are not enough. Certificates should preferably be from the Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation obtained soon after birth. Players without date of birth certificates will not be allowed to participate. The date of birth certificates registered within one year of the birth of the child alone will be recognized and allowed to participate. No state association shall recommend any player who doesn’t come under the above criteria.

If any doubt arises about the claimed age of a player, the Tournament Committee has the right to refer the player during the championship for a due evaluation of age by competent medical experts. A player if declared over-age by such experts shall not continue in the championship and the matter shall be reported to AICF. Protest about the age of players may be made to the Chief Arbiter in writing along with a fee of Rs.5000/- per player. This will not be refunded. No protest about the over age of a player will be entertained after the second round of the championship. Only the Coach or Manager deputed by the participating state chess association can lodge such protests. The Tournament Committee has the right to decide the day, time and place for such medical evaluation of age. AICF/Organisers will have the right to refer any player to the medical evaluation of age at any time during the Championship. Players refusing to take the test as decided by the Tournament Committee shall be deemed to have failed the test and shall be disqualified from the Championship.


A total cash prize of Rs.2,50,000/- cash prizes will be awarded to 20 players in as below:
Prizes Boys Girls
1 25,000 25,000
2 18,000 18,000
3 15,000 15,000
4 12,000 12,000
5 10,000 10,000
6 7,000 7,000
7 6,000 6,000
8 5,000 5,000
9 4,000 4,000
10 3,000 3,000
11 to 20 2000 2000

Eligibility: Subject to age limit

Dress Code

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Time Control

Chess Clocks

Tie Break

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Appeals Committee

Tournament Committee




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